Gig Updates – Jodie Marie and a Yorkshire Trip

Gig Updates Jodie Marie CarmarthenA Busy Few Weeks

So, I’ve been a little quiet on here recently, due to a couple of gigs which haven’t given me much free time. I thought I’d write a little post with some gig updates to fill you in on what’s going on, and some new musicians I’ve recently had the good fortune to play with.

The Cardiff Folk

I got offered a wedding gig in Yorkshire through an old friend, Gethin Jones. Geth is a great drummer from Cardiff, and this gig was a real fun one. The rest of the band (apart from me and Gethin) consisted of Dan Messore on Guitar, Joe Webb on Keyboards and Jo MacGregor on Vocals, and it was a nice experience playing some great music and hanging out for a weekend with new people. They’re all great musicians, and lovely folk……..some particular highlights were Jo giving Geth acupuncture in our yurt, hanging out in the sun in Cardiff, and meeting a newspaper editor.

The best thing for me though, was just playing through all these great tunes, from Hysteria by Muse to Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, and all sorts in between. Looks like there may be some other projects in the pipeline with these guys too, so watch this space.

Jodie Marie Gig Updates

After returning home, I had a few days to refresh my memory for a gig with Jodie Marie. It’s always great playing and rehearsing with those guys, it’s like a little family, everyone has a laugh while we’re working. So much so, that it doesn’t really feel like work, to be honest. The Parrot in Carmarthen is an awesome little venue, intimate and with a really nice vibe which made us feel really welcome. Also, a mention should go to Charli Bicknell, it was great to finally hear her live and get my hands on a copy of her single, Pirate Heart.

The gig went really well, we played lots of new material from Jodie’s forthcoming second album, and it all seemed to go down very nicely. It’s a lot more bluesy, and her voice is sounding awesome at the moment. It’s always a pleasure to do those gigs, hopefully there’ll be more in the pipeline soon, too!

Exciting times!

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