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Recording with Jodie Marie at Urchin Studios

Recording: New Place, New Friends

So, from the 27th to 31st of March, I had the pleasure of recording three tracks for Jodie Marie‘s next album at Urchin Studios in Hackney, London. The whole week was a really cool experience with some really nice musicians I had never met before. It was a pretty intense week, with a lot of hard work done…..hopefully the work will show in the finalised tracks! And the really interesting thing about this session for me? It was my first time recording on double bass in about 2 years. Crazy!

Rehearsals at StudiOwz

The week began with two days rehearsals to get the rhythm section tracks together. I arrived at StudiOwz on the Monday to be greeted by Owain (the studio owner), Jodie, and Dan Smith (Guitarist for The Noisettes). Shortly after we were joined by Toby Couling (The Noisettes drummer), who in a feat of human endurance had driven from Devon that morning on very little sleep. I’d never met Dan and Toby before, and it turned out they were lovely people and great musicians: lots of cool ideas, great time, great feel and phrasing…….it was really fun!

At about 7ish on the Tuesday evening, after Dan and Toby had left, Jodie and I jumped into the van and headed on up to London ready for the recording session on Wednesday.

Recording at Urchin

First: it’s great. Second: Go look at their website HERE.

This is a really cool studio, run by Dan Cox and Matt Ingram, and these guys have nailed it. We were aiming to record everything together live: Vocals, Wurlitzer, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals…….the whole bit. And for one of the tracks we added two more instruments as well: Kora and Arpeggioni. This would be quite a big job for a lot of smaller studios, but Urchin got us all in with room to spare, and got a great sound too. The room sounds awesome, and it’s a really nice environment. Light, airy and spacious yet comfortable, cosy and welcoming. Perfect balance, really.

I can’t really say much about the people involved in this project apart from reiterating that everyone was awesome at their thing. Musicians, producers/engineers, everyone was great, and the best part was how nice they all were. There was a really nice vibe amongst everyone.

I had to duck out of the last day to return home for the stag party of one of my best friends, but if everything comes out as cool as it sounded in there, I’m gonna be over the moon! The two days there were some of the most fun I’ve had playing in ages, and if anyone involved in that session reads this:

Thanks for everything guys, I had a whale of a time, hopefully we’ll get to do more again in the future!

Tom Sinnett - Jodie Marie Recording - Rehearsals at StudiOwz

Gig Updates – Jodie Marie and a Yorkshire Trip

Gig Updates Jodie Marie CarmarthenA Busy Few Weeks

So, I’ve been a little quiet on here recently, due to a couple of gigs which haven’t given me much free time. I thought I’d write a little post with some gig updates to fill you in on what’s going on, and some new musicians I’ve recently had the good fortune to play with.

The Cardiff Folk

I got offered a wedding gig in Yorkshire through an old friend, Gethin Jones. Geth is a great drummer from Cardiff, and this gig was a real fun one. The rest of the band (apart from me and Gethin) consisted of Dan Messore on Guitar, Joe Webb on Keyboards and Jo MacGregor on Vocals, and it was a nice experience playing some great music and hanging out for a weekend with new people. They’re all great musicians, and lovely folk……..some particular highlights were Jo giving Geth acupuncture in our yurt, hanging out in the sun in Cardiff, and meeting a newspaper editor.

The best thing for me though, was just playing through all these great tunes, from Hysteria by Muse to Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, and all sorts in between. Looks like there may be some other projects in the pipeline with these guys too, so watch this space.

Jodie Marie Gig Updates

After returning home, I had a few days to refresh my memory for a gig with Jodie Marie. It’s always great playing and rehearsing with those guys, it’s like a little family, everyone has a laugh while we’re working. So much so, that it doesn’t really feel like work, to be honest. The Parrot in Carmarthen is an awesome little venue, intimate and with a really nice vibe which made us feel really welcome. Also, a mention should go to Charli Bicknell, it was great to finally hear her live and get my hands on a copy of her single, Pirate Heart.

The gig went really well, we played lots of new material from Jodie’s forthcoming second album, and it all seemed to go down very nicely. It’s a lot more bluesy, and her voice is sounding awesome at the moment. It’s always a pleasure to do those gigs, hopefully there’ll be more in the pipeline soon, too!

Exciting times!

Jodie Marie @ The Parrot, Carmarthen

Jodie Marie announces one-off gig – 18th May 2013

I’m pleased to say that I will be playing with Jodie Marie again in May, on a great gig in an intimate music venue called The Parrot in Carmarthen. I’m really excited about it, to play those songs with the guys again will be great fun, and hopefully the venue will be rammed! I’ve missed gigging with Jodie, Jimmy and Dan (and having Owain on sound)……the last thing we did was December, so I’m chomping at the bit to get back out there.

In case you don’t know much about Jodie, here’s the blurb for the gig:

A preternaturally gifted singer-songwriter with an elegant yet piercing light-blues touch, she might be the third point in a triangle formed by Joan Baez and Carole King. Or she might be her own woman, a young artist who has spent the four years since her Big Break not chasing a pot of record company gold but working in the studio shadows, working with some of the best in the business, honing her songwriting craft.

Cool comparisons, if you asked me, but she really does have something special of her own too. And having recorded some of her demos for her second album, I think she has progressed massively, and I’m really excited for her. And for me, selfishly, ’cause I get to play her stuff!

Support will be a Carmarthenshire local, a young singer-songwriter called Charli Bicknell. And she’s good! I first heard her up at StudiOwz, just after she’d recorded there, and her single “Pirate Heart” sounded insane……..great textures, contours and lyrics,  and a brilliant voice as well.  I’m looking forward to hearing her as much as I am playing the gig. It should be a great night!

Tickets: £8 advance, £10 on the door. Available from: The Parrot – 01267 236012